Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scrapbook Challenge!

I love to hang out at Classics on Alexander in Chilliwack (even though I haven't been there in awhile) I've gone to several of their Friday night CROPS and had a blast, uninterrupted time with friends scrap booking is awesome! Classics on Alexander has a monthly challenge (or at least they did last time I was there) here's how it works...for $5 you get a bag of supplies, you can't see what it is before you buy it, you are instructed to make a scrapbook page out of the given supplies, you are only allowed to add pictures, ink and adhesive, nothing else. The finished pages are then displayed on the wall at the store for the following month for staff and customers to vote. There are 2 picks...a staff pick and a customer pick, you are judged bases on how well you use everything provided. I actually won the customer pick one month with the page "Pretty in Pink"


MahoneyMusings said...

I LOVE the pretty in pink one! Oh my gosh...too cute!

elise666 said...

Hey Ellie
Beautiful stuff. I like blogging too, it lets me vent! I love reading them too.