Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Recent Scrap Book Pages!

I changed my style of Scrap-booking after I discovered 12" x 12" pages could fit a lot more stuff and not look as cluttered. I really like the way the pages look in this different size. Of course it makes it harder to scan, but I managed to get some scanned and stitched together. Most of my pages I do a 2 page spread but for some reason they won't display beside each other on here so they are on top of each other.

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MahoneyMusings said...

The Christmas pages make me want to take up scrapbooking. They're gorgeous! (They all are, but there's something about the Christmas ones that make them extra special.)

How do you come up with all the ideas? Is it from classes or kits or just your own brilliance? That's what scares me about it all. The creativity part!