Monday, November 2, 2009

H1N1 or Seasonal Flu?

How is a mother to know? When do we need to worry? My poor little Olivia was throwing up yesterday, lucky for me I missed that part of it as I was at work. I kept asking my hubby if she had a fever and he said no...well I get home and the poor thing is like a rag doll on the couch flushed and hot to touch...temperature 104.3, hubby swears she wasn't that hot during the daytime but she also did sleep most of the day. Managed to get her to take it's tastes yucky! Well, that seemed to bring her fever down to about 100, she of course didn't sleep too well. She woke me up at 04:45 telling me her tummy hurt and she didn't feel good...temp again 103.7, there was no way she was going to take that tylenol again so I managed to talk her into taking Motrin chewables which weren't as bad. Kept her home from school, her temperature has been good most of the day although she's had diarrhea several times today. After picking up Kieron from school her temp was 99.1, now at dinner time it is climbing up and is 101.2. I'll hold off on the Ibuprofen I think till after dinner so that hopefully she'll be able to sleep through the night.

I'm not sure at what point I should call our doctor. Everyone keeps telling me I need to get her swabbed for H1N1 but I know they aren't swabbing everyone. I guess I'll see how she is tonight and go from there. I just pray this is over quickly and that no one else gets sick. Good thing Brenna is in Maui right now!

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MahoneyMusings said...

They're not swabbing for H1N1 out here...didn't even swab a friend of ours who has CF to confirm whether she had it or not...and now she'll have to have the vaccine 'just in case'.

It's so frustrating not knowing. Apart from the vomiting, it sounds so similar to what my girls had two weeks ago. Sudden onset of high, REALLY sudden and really high. Then it kept going up and down. I thought twice that their fever had broken, only to be fooled and have a really high fever spike again.

And then both my girls developed into strep who knows!
Hang in there!